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Honey House Naturals™ has deep roots stemming from the visionary drive of Ruth Willis. Raised in a rural setting that instilled in her a profound love for nature, Ruth's childhood amidst flourishing gardens and orchards sparked her interest in nurturing her surroundings. From tending to blooming flowers to caring for buzzing beehives, her bond with nature grew stronger. From her farm near the Puget Sound in Washington state Ruth began keeping bees to enhance the fruit trees in her family backyard orchard. This passion translated into cultivating natural beauty and wellness, reflecting in the essence of Honey House Naturals™. The brand's philosophy mirrors Ruth's holistic lifestyle and reverence for the earth, offering skin care products as pure and enriching as her intentions.

Ruth's transformation from a humble gardener to a thriving entrepreneur shows the significance of aligning values with one's business, resulting in a brand that honors nature's essence. Today, Ruth's daughter Keri Willis continues to embody the passion, love, and environmental stewardship instilled by her mother. As a co-owner and manager of Honey House Naturals, Keri guides the dedicated team towards using the highest quality ingredients and providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

Sold from local markets to global businesses

Over the course of a decade, Ruth welcomed five children who each played a role in the beekeeping activities. The family venture expanded from 10 to 120 hives, strategically placed in their backyard, near berry farms in Puyallup, and in the high verdant meadows on Mt. Rainier.

Annually, around July 4, the family relocated the hives to the mountains for the bees to produce fireweed and wildflower honey. With a growing surplus of honey, the family found that the local Farmer’s Market was ideal for sharing and marketing their delicious golden harvest.

Every summer the kids could be found at the market, passing out samples of fireweed, huckleberry, blackberry or wildflower honey.

Everyone was involved, even the youngest. At eight years old, he confidently managed the cashiering, making change with enthusiasm.

The family dedicated themselves to selling their honey and other bee products five times a week, traveling to various markets and festivals to share their goods. Their frequent stops ranged from the well-known Puyallup Farmer’s Market to the stunning fields in Skagit County up north.

They also took their offerings down south, reaching customers at Farmers Markets in Olympia. Each market visit was more than a business transaction; it was an opportunity to educate people about the importance of bees and sustainable practices. To complement the honey, they began making other bee products - molded beeswax candles, homemade honey soap, pollen, and fruited honey!

Ruth, intrigued by the remarkable healing potential of honey and beeswax and with the simple desire to offer relief to a family friend, began experimenting in her kitchen.

She combined various mixtures of beeswax, oils, and emollients, seeking the perfect formula to soothe and heal damaged skin. Her dedication and creativity paid off when she finally discovered the ideal combination of ingredients.

The Bee Bar™ lotion was born! Hands that were severely dry, cracked, and painful due to the demanding nature of work or harsh weather gained instant relief and protection with the Bee Bar™.

Honey, known for its antibacterial and moisturizing qualities, works in tandem with beeswax, a natural emollient that forms a protective barrier on the skin. Together, they create a potent combination that not only soothes and heals but also locks in moisture, ensuring long-lasting hydration. The Bee Bar™ stands out in the market for its simplicity and effectiveness, relying on the pure, time-tested benefits of these natural substances.

The Bee Bar™, an innovative product, marked the inception of Honey House Naturals and quickly became a flagship offering. This remarkable balm has garnered widespread acclaim for providing instant relief to hands sore from frequent use.

Its effectiveness is particularly valued by those whose professions or hobbies subject their hands to harsh conditions, including nurses, outdoor sports enthusiasts, mechanics, gardeners, farmers, and homemakers. With its deeply moisturizing properties, the Bee Bar™ is also a boon for dry cuticles and rough elbows, offering a versatile solution for various skin concerns .and elbows. After conquering local markets, Honey House Naturals bloomed into a buzzing global phenomenon.

Handcrafted high quality products

While we may no longer be beekeepers ourselves, our Bee Bars are still very much handmade with care and dedication. Raw beeswax is broken into pieces in a barrel to remove hive and environmental debris, ensuring that we have a clean base for our products. Additionally, we also purchase clean white and yellow beeswax from reputable suppliers within the U.S. to maintain our high standards of quality.

To create our rich Bee Bars, we blend this beeswax with Shea Butter and a selection of natural emollients like jojoba oil. These ingredients are chosen for their ability to instantly absorb into dry skin, providing long-lasting sealing protection and relief. For those who enjoy a hint of fragrance, we add natural scents to some of our lotions, offering our customers a choice of luxuriant fragrances that make perfect gifts or personal indulgences.

The mixture is melted into a sweet-smelling liquid gold and poured into molds, available in both small and large sizes. The small Bee Bars are pocket-sized and convenient, containing the same luxurious ingredients as their larger counterparts. Once the lotions have set, each Bee Bar™ is hand-wrapped with meticulous care, as though we are gifting them directly to you

The final touch is placing them in recyclable and reusable tins, each uniquely colored to match the fragrance inside. Our dedication to quality and craftsmanship ensures that every Bee Bar™ we produce is a true labor of love. Satisfaction for you - from the hive!

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