Summertime Staples

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    Wherever your summer travels take you, Honey House Naturals has what you need to combat any summertime strife. 

    Help prevent pesky bug bites by stocking up on our limited supply of Citronella Candles. Sold as a 3-pack in a beautiful gold organza bag, these lovely smelling candles will help keep the bugs that bite at bay. 

    For the bug bites that do occur, you'll want to combat that itch with the Baby Belly Bar. Loaded with specially formulated ingredients such as Meadow Foam, Calendula, and Raspberry Seed Oil, the Baby Belly Bar is the prefect answer to stop the itch and redness of bug bites. 

    Summers are great for spending lots of time barefoot. Don't let the fun take a toll on your tootsies! Reintroduce moisture to them with the Royal Bee Foot Bars. In three lovely scents and one unscented, your feet will look as fresh as summer lilies after each use. 

    All night karaoke sessions got your lips dried out? Reinvigorate them with our luscious Lip Butters. Sold in tubes or tins, alone or in a 3-pack, our Lip Butters are packed with Vitamins A, C, E to help moisturize and heal your lips. 

    6 products
    Baby Belly Bar
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    Royal Bee Foot Bar
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